Singing Himalaya Gallery

Asthamangala Craved Gong Bell
Sri Yantra Carved Gong
70 cm Gong for practitioners
Gong with Buddhas Eye mandala
60 cm gong with 7 chakra carved
7 chakra Carved Gong
Yogi and mandala Carved Gong
40 cm Yogi Carved Gong from Nepal
Yogi Man carved Gong 60 cm
Lotus Carved Gong 50 cm
Auspicious Symbols and Mandala Carved Gong
Medicine Buddha Carved Gong
Shakyamuni Buddha Carved Gong
60 cm yogic gong from Nepal
Double Dorje carved Gong
Yogic Gong from Nepal
Flower carved Gong Bell
Tibetan Mantra Mandala Craved Gong
Om Mandala carved gong
Mantra and flower carved gong