Singing Himalaya Gallery

Tibetan Gong - Buddha and Mandala Design
40 cm Gong with stand
50 cm Gong with stand
Tibetan Gong with Stand
50 cm Gong with Flower Etching
50 cm Gong with Stand
Tibetan Gong with Stand Mandala Etching
Mandala carved Tibetan Gong Bell
Auspicious symbols & mandala carved gong
Auspicious symbols Carved Gong Bell
Mandala carved Gong
Yin Yang carved Gong Bell
Flower carved Gong
Yogi man Carved Gong
7 Chakra Carved Gong Bell
Buddha eye design Gong
Om Mani Padme Hum Carved Gong
Lotus Om Gong Bell
Auspicious symbols Carved Gong
Antique Finishing Gong Bell